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Dark Tales



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Head notes: Davana, Bergamot.
Heart notes: Ambrette, Rose Otto, Clary Sage.
Base notes: Black Musk (vegan), Vetiver, Immortelle.


"Gothika" is an evocative perfume enveloped in a gorgeously dark and creamy aura. This fragrance weaves an olfactory tapestry reminiscent of a high gothic cathedral, where incense wafts through the air, dried herbs release their enchanting scents, and a deep, intoxicating rose blooms.

 At the onset, the head notes of davana and bergamot entice the senses with their alluring and aromatic embrace. The unique and fruity essence of davana blends harmoniously with bergamot's fresh and citrusy notes, creating a mesmerizing introduction to the scent.

The fragrance becomes more profound and inviting as the heart notes come alive. Ambrette weaves a velvety and musky touch, while rose otto exudes its timeless and passionate enticement. Clary sage adds a hint of herbal elegance reminiscent of ancient remedies and mystical concoctions.

In the depths of "Gothika," the base notes anchor the fragrance with their mysterious and sensuous presence. The vegan black musk adds a velvety depth, evoking the essence of the night's enticement. Vetiver brings an earthy and smoky quality, like the echoes of ancient rituals in a sacred space. Immortelle completes the base, imbuing the scent with a warm and everlasting quality like an undying beauty of the soul.

(!) Please note that this perfume has extended longevity due to great fixatives in the base accord - up to 2-3 days when applied on the skin. 



Carrier: Jojoba oil.
Natural Fragrance: essential oils & studio-produced plant extracts.

Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, water, and gluten-free.
All of our perfumes are IFRA-compliant.
Not tested on animals.


In rare cases, you may experience a slight allergy reaction when getting our fragrances on your skin, as they are based on pure essential oils (cinnamon oil can cause slight irritation, for example). However, this is very individual and varies from person to person. In case of any allergy reactions, please consult with your physician.

Do not use any of the fragrances while pregnant or nursing.
Do not consume.

Always keep fragrances away from children and pets.
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • 95-100% Natural
  • 100% Handcrafted
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