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Dark Tales



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Head notes:  Cherry.
Heart notes: White Musk, Smoked Pear.
Base notes: Tobacco, Palo Santo.

"Lady Devil" Perfume: A Dance Between Elegance and Rebellion

In the realm of fragrances, "Lady Devil" emerges as an audacious creation that captures the essence of contradiction. This enticing duality marries the fashion world with the untamed spirit of punk. This devilish scent is an exquisite fusion that invites aficionados of fashion and admirers of the unconventional alike. It's an olfactory journey that traverses the delicate allure of tradition while embracing the fierce freedom of rebellion.

Imagery of Elegance and Allure: Leather, Powder, and Lipstick

The fragrance conjures a vivid tapestry of imagery that unfurls with every note. Imagine the tender embrace of a fresh leather jacket, its scent intertwining with memories of adventures yet to come. Picture the gentle touch of face powder, reminiscent of vintage glamour that transcends eras. Envision the allure of cherry red lipstick, a symbol of confidence and sensuality that has graced the lips of countless iconic figures. "Lady Devil" weaves these images together, crafting an aromatic tale that captures femininity's soft and fierce sides.

Intriguing Bittersweetness: Liquorice and Fruity Delight

The allure of "Lady Devil" deepens with the addition of intriguingly bittersweet notes. Imagine the essence of liquorice, a complex and enigmatic flavor that adds a touch of mystery to the fragrance. This note mirrors the dual nature of the scent – at once sweet and bitter, drawing you in with its complexity. Complementing this, the scent also offers a delightful fruity aroma, creating a balance between the depths of intrigue and the joys of a lighthearted nature.

A Symphony of Aromas: Fruity and Woody

"Lady Devil" reaches its crescendo with a symphony of aromas that leave an indelible mark on the senses. The opening notes of cherry burst forth, a fruity crescendo that captures the essence of temptation. As the scent settles, the heart notes of white musk and smoked pear come into play, layering the fragrance with a delicate yet smoky elegance. This is the dance of tradition and rebellion, intertwining in harmony.

Captivating Finale: Tobacco and Palo Santo

The finale of "Lady Devil" is a captivating culmination that embodies the soul of the fragrance. Tobacco, with its deep and contemplative aroma, adds a sense of depth and sophistication. It's the lingering scent of a whispered secret, a reminder that even rebellion can possess an air of refinement. Paired with tobacco, palo santo adds a spiritual dimension – a touch of cleansing and reverence, like incense in an otherworldly sanctuary.



Carrier: Jojoba oil.
Natural Fragrance: essential oils & studio-produced plant extracts.

Alcohol, phthalate, paraben, water, and gluten-free.
All of our perfumes are IFRA-compliant.
Not tested on animals.


In rare cases, you may experience a slight allergy reaction when getting our fragrances on your skin, as they are based on pure essential oils (cinnamon oil can cause slight irritation, for example). However, this is very individual and varies from person to person. In case of any allergy reactions, please consult with your physician.

Do not use any of the fragrances while pregnant or nursing.
Do not consume.

Always keep fragrances away from children and pets.
  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • 95-100% Natural
  • 100% Handcrafted
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