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Dark Tales



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Choose melts scent

Handmade. Limited Edition.
The set includes 15 skull-shaped wax melts, coming in a black box.

Choose between four aromas:

Ghostly Walk
Aroma profile: powdery, fresh cotton.
Fragrance notesCotton • Musk • White Florals.

Aroma profile: green-floral.
Fragrance notesTuberose • Jasmine • Calendula • White Florals.

Sacred Woods
Aroma profile: woody and camphorous.
Fragrance notesCedarwood • Sandalwood • Myrrh • Camphor • Cannabis • White Musk.

Aroma profile: most sweet, fruity, and chocolaty.
Fragrance notesBlack Currant • Coffee • Vanilla • Chocolate • Styrax • Mango • Passion Fruit.


When melting the wax, you may notice the presence of steam, which is a natural occurrence as the fragrance is released and may vary depending on the type of burner you use. It's important to note that wax melts do not evaporate; instead, their usage is complete when you can no longer detect the fragrance.
When using the wax melts, it's advised not to inhale the oil steam too closely. Allow the melts to gently disperse their aroma throughout the room, creating a pleasant ambiance.
Due to the concentrated nature of the scents, we recommend burning the melts for a short duration to achieve a rapid aromatic effect. This approach provides a swift fragrance experience and ensures that each set of wax melts lasts for an extended period, maximizing their longevity.

  • 100% Cruelty-Free
  • 95-100% Natural
  • 100% Handcrafted
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