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Dark Tales



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Do you like dried flowers, roots, leaves, and resins? So do we, especially when they can fill the room with their delightful aroma. 

The blend comes in 2 sizes:

- 10 ml plastic vial with a decorative seal;
- 135 ml plastic hermetic black bag.



The "Secret Garden" loose incense blend is a captivating and aromatic mixture of dried flowers and herbs designed to transport your senses to a hidden paradise of tranquility and beauty. This blend combines the enchanting fragrances of elderflowers, cornflowers, hibiscus, melissa leaves, marigolds, and jasmine, creating a harmonious and evocative aromatic experience.

- Aroma: The elderflowers lend a delicate sweetness with subtle citrus undertones to the blend, reminiscent of a sunny meadow.
- Significance: Elderflowers are symbolic of renewal and protection in many cultures. Their presence in this blend adds a touch of ethereal beauty and tranquility.

- Aroma: Cornflowers contribute a gentle, earthy, and slightly sweet aroma, creating a sense of grounded elegance.
- Significance: Cornflowers are often associated with relaxation and clarity of mind. Their inclusion invites a feeling of inner peace and serenity.

- Aroma: The tangy and fruity scent of hibiscus flowers adds a vibrant and refreshing note akin to a tropical garden.
- Significance: Hibiscus symbolizes love, passion, and transformation. Its presence in the blend brings forth a burst of vitality and positive energy.

Melissa Leaves
- Aroma: With their lemony fragrance, Melissa leaves infuse the blend with a bright, uplifting scent akin to a lemon grove.
- Significance: Melissa leaves are known for their calming and mood-enhancing properties. They invite a sense of joy and mental clarity.

- Aroma: Marigolds offer a mild, earthy aroma with subtle herbal undertones, grounding the blend.
- Significance: Marigolds symbolize protection and well-being. Their inclusion adds a layer of warmth and comfort to the sensory experience.

- Aroma: Jasmine imparts its heady, sweet, and exotic floral scent, evoking the feeling of a secluded garden in full bloom.
- Significance: Jasmine is often associated with love, sensuality, and beauty. Its presence adds an element of romance and enchantment to the blend.

Intention and Uses:
The "Secret Garden" loose incense blend is crafted with the intention of creating a sacred space for meditation, relaxation, and self-reflection. It is ideal for use in rituals, ceremonies or to unwind and escape the day's demands. The combined energies of these botanicals invite you to explore the hidden recesses of your consciousness, uncovering the beauty and tranquility within.

Place a small amount of the blend on a heat-resistant dish or charcoal burner. Ignite and let the fragrant smoke fill the air, allowing your senses to journey to the secret garden of your dreams. Whether used for spiritual practices or as a daily aromatic indulgence, the "Secret Garden" incense blend is a fragrant tapestry of nature's gifts, inviting you to find solace and enchantment in its delicate bouquet.

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Unisex
  • Handcrafted
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